How Honeybees Get Their Jobs

Honeybees are one of the most cooperative insects in the world. It’s almost unbelievable to think about thousands of bees working together in harmonious unison for the survival of the colony. But it’s true! On our honey farm, we get to witness these amazing creatures thrive every day. Each bee has a specific job to … Read more

Chocolat Madagascar to exhibit new vegan range at ISM Cologne, as organisers prepare to welcome attendees

The new bars feature an alternative cream milk and alternative white chocolate specially developed using the freshest traceable cashew chocolate of the island’s origin. “We have the advantage of making fresh Madagascar chocolate at the Chocolaterie in Antananarivo, making vegan milC & blanC where the letter “C” stands for cashew nut. Creating a local and … Read more

Frosted Brownies Recipe – Rich & Fudgy! -That Skinny Chick Can Bake

A high buttercream to brownie ratio makes this Frosted Brownies Recipe totally irresistible!! Chocolate on chocolate always wins out! When I had 3 wee ones underfoot, I’d frequently pull out a box of brownie mix with frosting and whip up a quick, sweet treat. As they grew and scurried off to school each morning, I … Read more

What’s Hot in the World of Honey + Chocolate

The holiday season is huge for chocolate lovers, but this year in particular, it’s a continuation of a full-steam-ahead summer onslaught that saw chocolate sales soar. Thanks to ingredients (we’re sweet on the all-natural variety), innovation, premium products and even nutritional properties, what once may have been seen as a simple indulgence is satisfying a … Read more

Does Honey Go Bad? When to Throw it Out

Honey is a golden treat that we can enjoy thanks to the efforts of bees. Gathering plant nectar from millions of blossoms, bees converting the water nectar into a stable form of food. One of the most remarkable characteristics about honey is the ability to last for a very long time without spoiling. Does it … Read more

Stevia framework greenlights 4 technologies to boost supply, encourage innovation that reduces sugar

In the past ten years, product launches featuring stevia have climbed exponentially across categories and regions – reaching a compound annual growth rate of 21.9% between 2011 and 2021, according to data from Innova. While most of these products have occurred in North America, Asia and Western Europe, new product launches featuring the sweetener have … Read more

The Under Appreciated Wilelaiki Tree and Halloween Honey Treats – Big Island Bees

It’s Willelaiki season! The bright red berries of the Willelaiki tree are beginning to appear all over the island; A rare sign in Hawaii is that winter is on its way. This herbaceous invasive tree needs more understanding and attention. Not only does it make a great honey that foodies and honey connoisseurs collect, but … Read more