Devilish Good Ganache or Disappointment?

Bon Devil Ganache

When I think “ganache” I don’t think of a free standing dessert or treat, do you? I think of a part of dessert like on the top or an ingredient as in a truffle. I think of something hard which will crunch. But Bon Devil has decided to use the word “ganache” in place of pudding or custard for this refrigerated treat. Instead of milk this uses “coconut cream” but it does have soy in case that is an issue for you. I’m not a fan of coconut but if this product is done correctly, I shouldn’t be able to taste coconut at all, only the chocolate and salted caramel chocolate of the variety I picked. Finding this brand may be a challenge, only one chain had it in my community, but you can find out that information on the Bon Devil website. I tested out the two chocolate variations the brand offers to see if it is worth your mouth and money. I got two of the four desserts for free using buy one get one free coupons via Social Nature; No other form of compensation was received for this article sharing my honest experiences with the product.

Let me say that the size of these desserts is tiny compared to similar products from other brands; 4 individual servings totally just 6.4 ounces (180 grams). Here’s the glass container from a similar dairy based product that I’ve brought before to show you how much smaller this is; that other product costs about 60% of what this was before being on sale. Given the price, I wouldn’t call this a good value unless you have a coupon like I did and it is on sale like it was when I picked it up. If you can’t use dairy products though, this is the first brand I’ve seen that is dairy free (it uses coconut cream). Both varieties I’m talking about today are made with chocolate mass and cocoa powder, so they definitely qualify for The Chocolate Cult.

We’ll start with the Choc Ganache in the red box with the red cover on each tiny cup. One serving, one cup, has 100 calories so if you are looking for a low cal treat, this could qualify. I gently removed the top of the treat and it looks as the first photo I shared, fluffy and what I would call mousse like in texture, not ganache like. It had a good chocolate scent and a strong chocolate flavor; The coconut was barely noticeable and only after several bites. The treat was smooth, creamy, with a hint of cocoa intensity that built up with each little spoonful. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Now for the Salted Caramel Choc Ganache in the brown and yellow box and covers. Each of these cups, or servings, has 120 calories yet if you look closely I think you’ll notice that the cover as sunk in a bit and there is less treat inside. Where do the extra calories come from? Probably the caramel which is a listed ingredient. This was as mousse like once the top was gently taken up with a spoon. The scent was caramel and salt, not much of a chocolate fragrance. The flavor was first the salt, then the caramel, the coconut, and finally chocolate. It wasn’t bad but not my favorite of the two so I’ll be sharing this one out and saving the Choco Ganache myself.

I would give the Choc Ganache variety Sacramental status on all accounts. My personal taste affects my judgment of the Salted Caramel Choc Ganache but in terms of ingredients and how others enjoyed it, it probably also deserves the same title. If you are looking for dairy free treats in small packages and have the money, Bon Devil may be a good choice for you. I found it in a organic grocery store near me called Fresh Thyme, but remember to look at the brand website to find it near you.

Bon Devil Ganache Boxes

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