Fairtrade and Farmforce scale-up ‘FairData’ partnership for cocoa farmers

The participating organizations said the pioneering effort to empower cooperative data ownership, provide cocoa traceability, and strengthen their role as trading partners, will deliver critical data ownership technology and ‘first mile’ traceability to 25 Ivorian cocoa coops.

Initially launched as a pilot in April 2021, the partnership between Fairtrade and Farmforce enables cooperatives to implement a digitalized Internal Management System, or IMS, to collect data on members’ farms, production, and sales, and enable them to better manage prominent risks such as deforestation.

The partnership expansion, inaugurated last month, will now see an additional 25 cooperatives engaged with Farmforce’s proprietary technology with nearly 400 people trained on how to use the software for optimizing efficiency for the cooperatives and their members.

Our primary mission during this scale-up phase is to ensure that the involved cooperatives are to use Farmforce effectively, leading to long-term benefits for their businesses and for their members​,” said Jon Walker, Senior Advisor for Cocoa at Fairtrade International.

Ultimately, the focus for us is to ensure greater efficiency in cooperative management based on the principles of FairData, or the implementation of fairness in data distribution and ownership​.”

Farmforce’s unique technology provides cooperatives with their own superior cocoa beans production traceability system for the first mile of the food supply chain including the capacity to map farms and manage that data.


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