The art of caution and why invoking science in the marketing of chocolate chip cookies could backfire

While consumers view the scientific process as competent, they also perceive it as cold, so confirmed the researchers who – over a series of 10 experimental studies – analyzed consumers’ reaction to marketers touting the science behind their brand.​​ This could ultimately backfire when touting products that are associated with invoking pleasure, like chocolate chip … Read more

Food companies failing to reduce sugar in cookies and brownies

New data provided by Action on Sugar and Obesity Health Alliance has revealed huge variation in sugar content and portion size of popular cookies, brownies and doughnuts, leading to a call for the government to do more to tackle the issue. Despite the government challenges the food industry in 2016 to reduce the overall sugar … Read more

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies – For Chocoholics

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies are filled with white, milk, and semisweet chocolate chips baked into a rich, delicious chocolate-laden dough. Every bite will satisfy your deepest chocolate cravings. These Chewy Chocolate Cookies are an easy way to get your chocolate fix. My family could hardly wait until they were cool to dive in, and I … Read more

Women-driven partnership spearheads ‘food system renaissance’ with upcycled vegan cookies

Debuting at Natural Product Expo West (9-12 March), Renewal Mill’s Salted Peanut Butter Cookies are made with upcycled Miyoko’s Creamery European Style Cultured Vegan Butter and Renewal Mill’s flagship okara flour, a gluten-free flour made from pulp leftover from soymilk production. True to its mission to reduce food waste and create a circular food economy, … Read more

Biscoff Toffee Cookies – That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Enhanced with cookie butter and filled with toffee chunks, these outrageously delicious Toffee Biscoff Cookies received rave reviews across the board! Cookie Butter Cookies were new to me when I first made these over 10 years ago. They are such a uniquely delicious cookie with hints of spice, caramel plus the delicious crunch of toffee! … Read more