‘The growth trajectory of chocolate and candy over the last two years … is quite a story’

We meet in the executive lounge in the McCormick Place Conference Center, which the NCA has taken over for the week with the Sweets & Snacks Expo 2022 taking up almost four-and-half acres of floor space, which signifies the biggest confectionery show in the North America is back to almost full strength after two years … Read more

Free-deforestation agreement readies Peruvian cocoa for new European market regulations

The Cocoa, Forest and Diversity Agreement In the context of growing demand and new European regulations for deforestation-free products, the Sustainable Production Coalition (Coalición por una Producción Sostenible), a Peruvian multi-stakeholder platform, is promoting the country’s cocoa sector agreement: ‘The Cocoa, Forest and Diversity Agreement’. Members of Peru cocoa’s Sustainable Production Coalition. Pic: solidaridadsouthamerica.org The … Read more

‘Still a lot more to be done to protect and restore forests and improve cocoa farmer livelihoods’

Q: Why is deforestation an issue in the cocoa industry?​ Andrew Brooks​: The root cause is low farmer incomes. Most cocoa farmers have small amounts of land, so they can’t grow enough cocoa to fully support their families. To bring in extra income, they may resort to clearing more land to farm. That’s why we … Read more

Original Beans ‘Foodprint’ maps out a new path for cocoa sustainability

Since 2008, Original Beans chocolate company has been quietly working away in remote rainforests to source the world’s rarest cacao beans and transform the cultures of chocolate, food and luxury. Philipp Kauffmann, the founder of Original Beans, says the ‘Foodprint’ is like a carbon footprint but goes several steps further to reveal all the company … Read more

Colombia cocoa’s peaceful transition to global prominence

Colombia’s cocoa export business has risen by 54% since the beginning of 2021, recording 5.1% year-on-year growth with revenues of almost $30m by the end of last year. Puyana said 2022 is a milestone year for ProColombia as it marks its 30th anniversary with a strong post-pandemic recovery program for trade, investment and exports and … Read more

Insights into latest wellness trends in chocolate

Delicate and rich in flavour, it is no surprise that chocolate is one of the world’s most favored treats. Here at Luker Chocolate, we believe that when done right, chocolate can create indulgent moments that fit into the trend of wellness. As a B4B chocolate manufacturer working with some of the UK’s top chocolatiers, Luker … Read more

Inside Ghana Gold, MIA’s new bean-to-bar line

MIA not only creates award-winning, premium chocolate with locally sourced ingredients, it works with communities mainly in Madagascar to support skilled jobs, keeping the production of chocolate on the island, creating more jobs for not only cocoa farmers but in chocolate making to printing to the service industry. As a bean-to-bar company, MIA is able … Read more