Yakisoba: A Festival And Street Food Classic

Ask a Japanese person to think of popular street foods, and many of them will answer yakisoba (Japanese stir-fried noodles). And it’s definitely earned its place in that spot by being both delicious and light enough to enjoy with other street foods. Today, let’s learn more about this iconic Japanese festival food favoriteincluding its origin … Read more

Let’s talk BFY snacks and put paid to the disparaging ‘junk food’ tag

CN’s sister title, BakeryandSnacks​, has invited a panel of industry leaders to take to the podium on May 26 to examine the trend that impacts all areas when it comes to creating standout snacks. The free-to-attend webinar is tapping some of the best minds the sector has to offer to explore exactly what better-for-you (BFY) … Read more

High-profile scandals put European food safety in the spotlight

Research suggests that just over half of European consumers — 55% — think food on sale in the region is safe. According to the EIT Food TrustTracker report, this rises to 74% of shoppers in the UK who trust the safety of the food they buy. However, EIT’s figures also show that over one-fifth of … Read more

Food companies failing to reduce sugar in cookies and brownies

New data provided by Action on Sugar and Obesity Health Alliance has revealed huge variation in sugar content and portion size of popular cookies, brownies and doughnuts, leading to a call for the government to do more to tackle the issue. Despite the government challenges the food industry in 2016 to reduce the overall sugar … Read more

Food producers score poorly on the European consumers’ trust meter

Consumers express concerns about the environmental impact of the food system, with only 37% believing the food created today is sustainable. The majority of Europeans are hesitant when it comes to new innovations, highlighting an urgent need for the industry to do more to promote confidence. Transparency is a major issue for Europeans, with only … Read more

This food price crisis could be worse than in 2011… what are the potential action areas?

Did the Arab Spring contribute Brexit? Perhaps, say some. The theory goes something like this: In 2010, drought in Ukraine and Western Russia led to a shortfall of yields, leading to the 2011 food price spike. This led to many countries enforcing export bans which in turn drove food insecurity in many places, leading to … Read more

The cost of war on the food front

Paul Morrow, chairman of British Bakels, told BakeryandSnacks the company will continue operating in Russia. “We have a manufacturing site in Saint Petersburg and a commercial office in Moscow,”​ he said, adding the bakery ingredients specialist has a 50-strong workforce in the country. “We issued a position statement at the beginning of the week confirming … Read more

Women-driven partnership spearheads ‘food system renaissance’ with upcycled vegan cookies

Debuting at Natural Product Expo West (9-12 March), Renewal Mill’s Salted Peanut Butter Cookies are made with upcycled Miyoko’s Creamery European Style Cultured Vegan Butter and Renewal Mill’s flagship okara flour, a gluten-free flour made from pulp leftover from soymilk production. True to its mission to reduce food waste and create a circular food economy, … Read more