‘It’s encouraging to see the government listening’

The regulations ban volume-based promotions (buy one get one free, 50% extra and so forth) – now viewed as a lifesaver by many – on foods deemed high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS), and place limits on the advertising of the so-called junk food. These restraints have now been shelved for a year, but … Read more

The art of caution and why invoking science in the marketing of chocolate chip cookies could backfire

While consumers view the scientific process as competent, they also perceive it as cold, so confirmed the researchers who – over a series of 10 experimental studies – analyzed consumers’ reaction to marketers touting the science behind their brand.​​ This could ultimately backfire when touting products that are associated with invoking pleasure, like chocolate chip … Read more

Whole cacao snack reaps SNAC Tank approval for its people and planet-friendly pedigree

According to SNAC, the caliber of finalists in this year’s ‘pitch’ competition bowled over the judges with their disruptive ideas and solid brand pitches. Candid was awarded the $10,000 grand prize for its better-for-people-and-planet cocoa bites, which are made from the whole cacao pod (both seeds and fruit). This method makes Candid the first company … Read more

Food producers score poorly on the European consumers’ trust meter

Consumers express concerns about the environmental impact of the food system, with only 37% believing the food created today is sustainable. The majority of Europeans are hesitant when it comes to new innovations, highlighting an urgent need for the industry to do more to promote confidence. Transparency is a major issue for Europeans, with only … Read more

How the craft bakery sector can capitalise in trending consumer behaviours in 2022

The past two years have been a rollercoaster, and the craft baking industry has felt the impact as much as the rest of society – however, in many instances, this has had a positive spin. “Our regular member surveys suggest the craft bakery sector is enjoying a generally upward trend, despite the challenges of the … Read more

Remembering Charles Entenmann, builder of a baked goods empire

Entenmann died ‘peacefully’, surrounded by family, according to his son, Charles William Entenmann. “He was an extremely generous man,”​ Charles (jnr) told the media. “He was just a really intelligent guy … He had a fantastic sense of humour and was always playing jokes on people and having fun. He did it right.”​ Charles (snr) … Read more

Fresh Start accelerator targets clean label, plant-based disruptors

According to the mission-driven company, the accelerator will help scale up brands by leveraging its farm-to-shelf, vertically integrated platform. The Fresh Factory has helped dozens of companies build their brands, becoming a growth partner in everything from crafting go-to-market strategies to e-commerce capabilities. The Chicago, US-based agency provides guidance, actionable information and introductions across formulation, … Read more

Ramping up the bakery waste message

WRAP’s 2021 report highlighted that around a third of all food produced is lost or wasted, contributing 8%-10% of overall manmade greenhouse gasses. However, it also noted the bakery industry is striving to change this playing field, banding together to redistribute around 13,000 tons of food waste both charitably and commercially between 2015 and 2022. … Read more

Chocolat Madagascar to exhibit new vegan range at ISM Cologne, as organisers prepare to welcome attendees

The new bars feature an alternative cream milk and alternative white chocolate specially developed using the freshest traceable cashew chocolate of the island’s origin. “We have the advantage of making fresh Madagascar chocolate at the Chocolaterie in Antananarivo, making vegan milC & blanC where the letter “C” stands for cashew nut. Creating a local and … Read more

Tate & Lyle’s insight into global consumer ingredient perception

“55% of global consumers say they expect snacks to provide a nutritional boost, so manufacturers should keep this in mind when crafting new snacks in the coming months, whether they reduce calories or enrich products with functional ingredients,”said Greet Vandeputte, Category Development Manager at Bakery and Taste & Lyle Europe. And according to the company’s … Read more