A Beginners Guide: Japanese Snack Subscription Services

You are in the snack aisle at your local grocery store and you know you definitely want something snacky…but nothing is really standing out to you.This has definitely happened to you before hasn’t it? Of course it’s not a dire issue but it is definitely an annoying one. A simple solution to this snack slump … Read more

Japanese School Lunches: The Tastiest Lesson

Japanese school lunches have recently gained popularity around the world for their varied offerings, but there’s more to them than just delicious portions! Let’s start our quick dive into Japan’s tasiest lesson! In most Japanese public school systems, elementary and junior high students won’t bring bento lunch boxes from home. Instead, they are provided with … Read more

How to Say I Love You in Japanese

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Japanese Tofu Dishes: Tofu Made Tasty

One of the oldest foods in history, tofu has been constantly changed and redefined over Japan’s long culinary history. Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of unique Japanese tofu dishes, side dishes, and desserts that use this ingredient to its fullest potential. A Quick Reminder… Tofu is a processed food that is made by … Read more

Japanese Hamburg Steak: A Steak’s Journey

The Japanese Hamburg Steak – a favorite among children and a classic taste-trip for adults. More similar to a Salisbury steak than a typical American hamburger, there’s an interesting story of how the hamburger steak cemented itself into Japan’s rich food culture. What is Japanese Hamburg Steak? Also known as Hamburger steak (hambagu), this dish … Read more