‘On a run rate basis, we’ll hit $1bn in US retail sales in the next couple of months’

“We​ serve less than 20% of US households, but we know that great tasting, natural foods are relevant to a lot more than 20% of the population,” adds Stokes, who joined Mars in June 2019, moved to KIND (as chief growth officer) in spring 2021, and took the helm of its North American business in … Read more

‘This is a landmark moment but there is more to come’

The Cocoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study (COSMOS) was a five-year undertaking by scientists at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the US, with support from Mars Inc’s nutrition division, Mars Edge. It is noteworthy for both its scale and scope. Building on a growing body of evidence pointing to the benefits of flavanols on … Read more

GNT launches first organic colours made with safflower

The Netherlands-based company said the organic market is seeing ‘exceptional’ growth as modern consumers pay closer attention to food and drink products’ health and sustainability credentials. In response, GNT has launched two new organic products. ‘Fruit & Veg Yellow’ is made from organic safflower and organic apple, while ‘Veg Green’ is made from organic safflower … Read more

Impulse purchases evolve to meet new consumer demands, shopping habits post COVID

Once limited mostly to individually-wrapped items corralled by the checkout stand to be consumed within seconds of leaving the store or on-go, impulse purchases today are more likely to be sharing sizes and larger multi- or variety-packs – reflecting the Shift to working and snacking at home, and the desire to balance the demands of … Read more

High-profile scandals put European food safety in the spotlight

Research suggests that just over half of European consumers — 55% — think food on sale in the region is safe. According to the EIT Food TrustTracker report, this rises to 74% of shoppers in the UK who trust the safety of the food they buy. However, EIT’s figures also show that over one-fifth of … Read more

‘We have the potential to mitigate climate change’

In 2015, signatories of the landmark Paris Agreement on Climate Change pledged to work towards a target of keeping global warming below 2°C, and ideally 1.5°C. Six years down the road and the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, released yesterday (4 April), confirmed what climate scientists have been warning us for … Read more

Ferrero Group’s main nut source in Turkey at risk of collapse due to weather crises

According to a new report, Turkey has been subject to erratic, unpredictable weather conditions and natural disasters including droughts, floods and forest fires over the past few years, which has taken a toll on the country’s hazelnut production and supply. “Turkey is the global supplier and exporter for some 82% of hazelnuts – this means … Read more

This food price crisis could be worse than in 2011… what are the potential action areas?

Did the Arab Spring contribute Brexit? Perhaps, say some. The theory goes something like this: In 2010, drought in Ukraine and Western Russia led to a shortfall of yields, leading to the 2011 food price spike. This led to many countries enforcing export bans which in turn drove food insecurity in many places, leading to … Read more

Givaudan mimics animal fat cells with encapsulated coconut oil to ‘reduce high fat content while improving juiciness’ in plant-based

Plant-based is flavor of the month and has been for some time. Forecasters don’t expect this trend to abate, with Research & Markets suggesting the plant-based food market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.9% from 2020 to 2027 to reach $74.2bn by 2027. However, not all consumers are willing to trade in … Read more