California Milk Advisory Board seeking dairy innovators ‘to create a meaningful difference’

Created in partnership with VentureFuel, this year’s Real California Milk Excelerator, has a ‘new, expansive focus’ on accelerating innovation and dairy-based products – from traditional consumer food and beverage items to textiles, haircare, and beyond. The open innovation challenge hopes to engage innovation across product categories, leveraging the ‘versatility’ of the dairy ecosystem. CMAB said … Read more

Barry Callebaut to open cocoa ‘Farm of the Future’ in Ecuador to aid R&D

“Technology and innovation are key to the future of food system evolution, providing opportunities for improving farmer productivity and resilience, combating agriculture climate change, and reducing the impact of the environment​,” Barry Callebaut said in a statement. Ecuador is the world’s third-largest cocoa producer and one of the fastest-growing cocoa origins, as well as the … Read more

The art of caution and why invoking science in the marketing of chocolate chip cookies could backfire

While consumers view the scientific process as competent, they also perceive it as cold, so confirmed the researchers who – over a series of 10 experimental studies – analyzed consumers’ reaction to marketers touting the science behind their brand.​​ This could ultimately backfire when touting products that are associated with invoking pleasure, like chocolate chip … Read more

Sweet proteins… finally ready for prime time?

Several companies are now deploying synthetic biology to ‘program’ microbes to express sweet proteins, from Roquette and Brain Biotech AG​​​, who aim to take brazzein (an ultra-sweet protein found in oubli berries that they are producing via microbial fermentation) to market in coming years, to Israel-based Amai Proteins​​ , which makes ‘designer’ sweet proteins. FoodNavigator-USA … Read more

Impulse purchases evolve to meet new consumer demands, shopping habits post COVID

Once limited mostly to individually-wrapped items corralled by the checkout stand to be consumed within seconds of leaving the store or on-go, impulse purchases today are more likely to be sharing sizes and larger multi- or variety-packs – reflecting the Shift to working and snacking at home, and the desire to balance the demands of … Read more

‘I think COVID shocked our systems in a lot of ways’

“I think COVID shocked our systems in a lot of ways,”​ said Wolf, who noted how as consumers spent more time at home, they tended to seek out familiar comfort foods leading to a spike in sales in Mondelēz’s core business of cookies and crackers. But the tide is shifting towards discovery of new brands … Read more

Self-care, pandemic-strain fuel surge in Valentine’s Day chocolate sales as licensing deals reinforce year-long demand

Leading the charts will be chocolate, which two-thirds of Americans typically eat on Feb. 14, followed by 50% who eat cake or cupcakes on the holiday, 48% who report typically eating candy hearts, and 44% who favor gummies, according to research conducted by OnePoll for Sugarbreak, a BCrop focused on reducing sugar consumption. Within chocolate, … Read more

Sweet Victory chewing gum helps fight sugar cravings on two fronts with Ayurveda botanical

Their solution: a fast-acting, first-of-its-kind chewing gum that co-founder and psychologist Gitit Lahav said “works on both a physical and a psychological level.”​ She explained in a release that “most people crave something sweet at certain times of the day, usually after lunch and at night. Over time, it becomes an automatic instinct that makes … Read more