New Fairtrade report highlights how cocoa sector can help farmers progress toward living incomes

Supported by a grant from the Open Society Foundations, the report, What Makes Co-operatives Work?, outlines recommendations for Fairtrade and the cocoa sector at large, developed after researchers conducted an in-depth study into the functions of s and heard feedback from two case study cocoa cooperatives in Ghana. The recommendations include proposals for how better … Read more

MEPs write to the European Commission to beef up Cocoa Talks with an Economic Pact across the value chain

A group of MEPs from The European Parliament has called for the European Commission (EC) to enter into negotiations with Cote d’Ivoire following a proposal by the two largest cocoa producing countries to establish an Economic Pact for Sustainable Cocoa to address the entire Cocoa cocoa value chain. An Economic Pact that addresses the key … Read more

Divine Chocolate releases Impact Report 2021, partners with HALBA to further boost climate resilience

The news was announced alongside the release of its 2021 Impact report, where Divine Chocolate described how it has enabled farmers to build sustainable livelihoods in partnership with four farmer cooperatives in Africa. Highlights of the Impact Report include: Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union in Ghana (who grew the high quality cocoa that makes Divine Chocolate … Read more

NCA and WCF join forces to promote stronger conservation in cocoa supply chain

The National Confectioners Association (NCA) and the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) have released policy principles calling for implementing a mandatory due diligence framework in the United States to address the risk of deforestation in the cocoa supply chain and support efforts to restore and conserve forests . In a joint statement, the two organizations said … Read more

Food companies failing to reduce sugar in cookies and brownies

New data provided by Action on Sugar and Obesity Health Alliance has revealed huge variation in sugar content and portion size of popular cookies, brownies and doughnuts, leading to a call for the government to do more to tackle the issue. Despite the government challenges the food industry in 2016 to reduce the overall sugar … Read more

Californian court denies Nestlé motion to dismiss Cocoa Plan child labour lawsuit

The lawsuit has been active for almost three years but plaintiff lawyers have finally come up with a complaint that adequately alleges Nestlé falsely labeled products to mislead consumers about the use of child and slave labor in the West African cocoa supply chain. According to the suit, the company has known for more than … Read more

Ferrero expands recall to include US market

The previous recall was announced amid salmonella concerns and only covered products with best-before dates up to 7 October 2022. But the company said it has widened it to include all Kinder products manufactured at the Arlon site since June. ConfectioneryNews also understands the giant confectionery has voluntarily recalled batches of its Kinder chocolate products … Read more

Food producers score poorly on the European consumers’ trust meter

Consumers express concerns about the environmental impact of the food system, with only 37% believing the food created today is sustainable. The majority of Europeans are hesitant when it comes to new innovations, highlighting an urgent need for the industry to do more to promote confidence. Transparency is a major issue for Europeans, with only … Read more

TV exposé reveals child labour on Mondelēz Cocoa Life farms in Africa

According to a Dispatches documentary aired on British TV on Monday night, children as young as 10 were alleged to have been filmed working in Ghana to cocoa pods on farms that supply beans to Mondelēz through the company’s Cocoa Life sustainability programme. Under its initiative, Mondelēz said so far it has mapped approximately 167,800 … Read more

German confectionery companies face collapse if regulations not lifted

With, energy, agricultural raw materials, packaging, and transport prices rising sharply, the Federal Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI) says the Ukraine war is now drastically exacerbating the situation, to an extent that it could lead to production – including food – coming to a standstill. Gas is the most important energy source for … Read more