New Fairtrade report highlights how cocoa sector can help farmers progress toward living incomes

Supported by a grant from the Open Society Foundations, the report, What Makes Co-operatives Work?, outlines recommendations for Fairtrade and the cocoa sector at large, developed after researchers conducted an in-depth study into the functions of s and heard feedback from two case study cocoa cooperatives in Ghana. The recommendations include proposals for how better … Read more

Ferrero claims substantial inroads with its latest Cocoa & Forests Initiative (CFI) report

With 346,000 hectares covered with deforestation risk assessments, Ferrero said it has doubled its initial target for 2022, and overcame additional challenges for Ferrero cocoa farmers and suppliers during the COVID-19 global In partnership with the Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana governments, and leading cocoa and chocolate companies, the CFI report showcases a comprehensive program of … Read more

Divine Chocolate releases Impact Report 2021, partners with HALBA to further boost climate resilience

The news was announced alongside the release of its 2021 Impact report, where Divine Chocolate described how it has enabled farmers to build sustainable livelihoods in partnership with four farmer cooperatives in Africa. Highlights of the Impact Report include: Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union in Ghana (who grew the high quality cocoa that makes Divine Chocolate … Read more

Nestlé becomes more ‘climate-friendly’ with publication of new sustainability report

The Swiss-based food giant also published its ‘Creating Shared Value and Sustainability Report’ and the company explained how it is supporting ‘the just transition towards climate-friendly and nature-positive food systems’. Nestle claimed it is delivering on its climate roadmap and reports that it has passed peak carbon levels. For the last two consecutive years, Nestlé … Read more

Cocoa industry still failing to end deforestation, new report claims

The new data analysis by Mighty Earth contained in Sweet Nothings: How the Chocolate Industry has Failed to Honor Promises to End Deforestation in Cocoa Supply Chains, reveals that even after the industry published action plans in 2019, Cote d’Ivoire lost 19,421 hectares – 74.9 sq. mi. – of forest within cocoa growing regions and … Read more