‘We believe there is a sizable consumer opportunity in this space’

Billed as having a fraction of the environmental footprint of bovine whey​​ , Perfect Day’s protein is bio-identical to the main form of whey protein (beta-lactoglobulin) in cow’s milk, and is now fueling multiple new product launches in milk, ice cream, confectionery, cake mixes, cream cheese and protein powders . While most launches are from … Read more

Grupo Bimbo leverages 10 years of progressive digital transformation with home-grown tech

Raúl Obregón, Bimbo’s chief information and transformation officer, looks back over the past decade to highlight the successes that supported the seamless operation of the global company, and sets out his ambitious plans for his Future Systems Landscape. Obregón joined Grupo Bimbo in 1998, working through several leadership roles from regional sales manager at Bimbo … Read more

Hershey replaces milk solids with roasted grain flour for improved dairy-free chocolate

A patent application has been filed by The Hershey Company to protect intellectual property covering a new way of making chocolate – using roasted grain flour instead of milk solids. The invention was published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and responds to demand for dairy-free chocolate with improved organoleptic and rheological properties. For … Read more

The war in Ukraine ‘cannot be a justification to delay the Green Deal’, stresses EU

The war has triggered the third global food crisis in 15 years, with supplies of wheat, cereals, and edible oils particularly impacted. It’s estimated around 20 million tons of wheat has been trapped in Ukraine since its neighbor’s invasion. The two countries provide up to a third of the world’s grain exports. Ukraine’s grain exports … Read more

Walking the floor to root out the top trends

This year, the mega trade show celebrates 25 years of innovation and trendsetting at Chicago’s McCormick Place from 23-26 May. “For 25 years, the Sweets & Snacks Expo has been the most significant driver of candy and snack flavor and product trends in North America, and 2022 is no different.”​ said John Downs, president & … Read more

Why consumers lie about what’s on their plate

Consumers are adopting healthier and more sustainable diets. Or so they say. According to 2021 data from IGD, nearly one-fifth of consumers now list the environment as their main motivator for healthy and sustainable eating. The same data suggest more than three-quarters of consumers have increased, or are thinking about increasing, their fruit and vegetable … Read more

How is Mars promoting living incomes for cocoa smallholders?

Mars Inc has been making chocolate for more than 100 years. However, the company recognises that there are some systematic issues in the cocoa supply chain that are yet to be solved. Smallholder farmers produce around 95% of global cocoa supplies. A large majority of these farmers don’t make a living income to provide for … Read more

Cacao-free chocolate alternative mimics the real thing, with 80% fewer CO2 emissions

Chocolate is one of the most consumed food products on the planet. Estimated to reach a total market size of $180bn by 2025, according to ResearchAndMarkets, chocolate is big business. But the chocolate industry has a ‘truly dark side’, according to London-based start-up WNWN (pronounced ‘win-win’) Food Labs. “People don’t really know about the problems … Read more

Whole cacao snack reaps SNAC Tank approval for its people and planet-friendly pedigree

According to SNAC, the caliber of finalists in this year’s ‘pitch’ competition bowled over the judges with their disruptive ideas and solid brand pitches. Candid was awarded the $10,000 grand prize for its better-for-people-and-planet cocoa bites, which are made from the whole cacao pod (both seeds and fruit). This method makes Candid the first company … Read more

Plastic-free chewing gum hopes to challenge ‘synthetic’ standards

Chew on this: every year enough gum is chewed to cover the whole of the EU. So says Tom Raviv, the founder of plastic-free chewing gum start-up Milliways. Where’s it all landing up, he asks, after use? Either in oceans, landfills and stuck on pavements. The 29-year-old entrepreneur and long-time gum chewer created his brand … Read more