Why consumers lie about what’s on their plate

Consumers are adopting healthier and more sustainable diets. Or so they say. According to 2021 data from IGD, nearly one-fifth of consumers now list the environment as their main motivator for healthy and sustainable eating. The same data suggest more than three-quarters of consumers have increased, or are thinking about increasing, their fruit and vegetable … Read more

What’s hot in confectionery flavour trends?

CN:​ What have been the main shifts in consumer perceptions of confectionery over the past 12 months?​ Madeline Bills​: Confectionery is no longer just about satisfying guilty pleasures. Consumers today are more and more aware of what they are putting in their bodies. They are opting for snacks that help them to top up on … Read more

What’s all of this floating about?

Floatation therapy is good for the soul and here at Colorado Hemp Honey, we highly recommend this practice regularly. Nick and Ali French, Colorado Hemp Honey owners, are avid floaters and believe in the benefits of this practice. In fact, float centers across the country – and world – carry Colorado Hemp Honey. Combined together, … Read more

What’s the Deal with CBD and Hemp?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, has become increasingly popular in the health and wellness community in recent years. As a result, she started getting a great deal of media coverage all over the United States and abroad. Lots of people have questions about this groundbreaking natural supplement, so here’s everything you need to know about … Read more

What’s Hot in the World of Honey + Chocolate

The holiday season is huge for chocolate lovers, but this year in particular, it’s a continuation of a full-steam-ahead summer onslaught that saw chocolate sales soar. Thanks to ingredients (we’re sweet on the all-natural variety), innovation, premium products and even nutritional properties, what once may have been seen as a simple indulgence is satisfying a … Read more